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Warning: Golden unicorns and superheroines are storming the slopes

It's that time again: Golden unicorns, blue monsters and snow pirates have been spotted on the slopes! WeeDo Funwear has created new, fantastic snowsuits from the WeeDo universe for the winter season 22/23 - a brightly colored SNOW collection for fun in the icy winter snow and fun-filled adventures on the slopes. 

Bye-bye, boredom, bye-bye, weather predictions - this motto runs across all of the collections from Hamburg-based brand Weedo Funwear. The snowsuits, pants, and jackets of the new SNOW collection combine high-quality, breathable, size-adjustable, 100% water-repellent, and sustainable materials with a cheerful and long-lasting statement of courage, inner strength, and personalities for our nature-loving kids. Parents love the colorful outdoor clothing too.

"As a lion, unicorn or superheroine, children feel special and empowered," says WeeDo founder and designer Antje Riesau about the imaginative characters in the current Character Line. "With our funwear, the little explorers are well protected and ready for wild adventures in all weathers. Cozy warm hands, dry bottoms, shiver-free knees and 'a set of hot ears' all included."

100 percent fun 100 percent sustainability = WeeDo

The collection with real unicorn horns, bunny tails or turquoise and gold superheroine capes simply make a good mood on the slopes and is absolutely unique and WeeDo's trademark. Sustainability has top priority next to the designs developed with passion. Circular economy, recycled PET, water- and soil-friendly textile production, PFC- and pollutant-free - numerous certificates confirm the company's 100 percent sustainable production: 

Cosmo Line - without works as well 

Pure understatement: As the little sister of the Character Line, the Cosmo Line comes without any character traits such as ears or tails. In terms of fabrics, colors and cuts, the collection continues to rely on great color blocking, the usual high WeeDo quality, cool features, fun and lots of functions.

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