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Sport Obermeyer Ltd.

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75 years in the making and finally back in Europe.


The story of Obermeyer has it all: courage, vision, and pure-and-simple love. From Klaus Obermeyer climbing high into the mountains at a young age, to award-winning environmental practices and industry-leading, innovative product design, there is a real, passionate, palpably beating heart to all things Obermeyer.

Part of it holds the memories: the legendary tales of Klaus, his groundbreaking inventions, his contagious love of the sport. Another part holds the future: what new trails lie ahead? What better product or better way of making it can be discovered?

And tying it all together: the Obermeyer family and extraordinary employees who work together as one. We are a company with both deep roots and indomitable vision. But most importantly, we are a company with a proven commitment to making the best possible product, year after year. Beautiful, peak-performing garments and accessories that will let you stay outside longer, go further, ski harder… and love every second of it.

Welcome to Obermeyer.


Obermeyer Aspen . Colorado

Obermeyer Aspen . Colorado


Sport Obermeyer Ltd.
115 Aspen Airport Business Center, Aspen, CO 81611, USA