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Thermore (Far East) Ltd.

Thermore (Far East) Ltd.
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Thermore® EVOdown: half fibers, half insulation, fully recycled


Established by Lucio Siniscalchi, Thermore now welcomes the third generation of the Siniscalchi family into the business, projecting the company into the future. Mr. Siniscalchi believed that there was a different way of doing things, a better way. The vision and entrepreneurial spirit from those early years are still the foundation for Thermore's business philosophy as it looks to the future. Thermore® has been on the leading edge in thermal insulation technology and continues to be a pioneer in the development of advanced fibers and innovative structures that help your body maintain its natural warmth.

Thermore’s corporate offices are still located in Milan, a city known as one of the leaders in global fashion and design. Milan offers the ideal setting for the Thermore® R&D team to explore trends and introduce innovative products to the outerwear market.

Thermore has always been a leader in developing sustainable thermal insulations for apparel since the years ’80 and has now converted over 97% of its turnover into insulations made of either fully or partially recycled fibers. This brings Thermore closer than ever to an exclusively sustainable offer.

Today, Thermore’s product range includes Thermal Booster, Freedom, Classic, Ecodown, EVOdown® and Ecodown Fibers Collection. 






Thermore<sup>®</sup> EVOdown<sup>®</sup>

Thermore® EVOdown®

Thermore<sup>®</sup> Ecodown Fibers Genius

Thermore® Ecodown Fibers Genius

Thermore<sup>®</sup> Ecodown Fibers Light

Thermore® Ecodown Fibers Light

Thermore<sup>®</sup> Ecodown Fibers 2.0

Thermore® Ecodown Fibers 2.0

Thermore<sup>®</sup> Classic

Thermore® Classic


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Thermore (Far East) Ltd.
Rm. 1705, Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hongkong
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