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Premsons Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

Premsons Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
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Hersteller des weltweit größten Sortiments an nachhaltigen Sportflaschen


36 years experience of manufacturing customised sports bottles, tested & certified safe as per EU standards, with social compliance SEDEX audited. Have been winning export awards for the past decade.

Way we drink water is different based on activity at that point of time. We make special bottles for each sport.

Every brand wants a unique bottle. We meet their needs by carrying the world's largest range to select from.

Apart from fully recyclable fossil crude based safe polymers, we also offer several options to meet changing needs of consumers.

Our priorities are Planet, People & Profit.
We make worlds #1 Carbon Neutral Bottles.

We make bottles out of Bio Based polymers derived from annually renewable resources like plants. Plants absorb carbon while growing & hence these Bottles are carbon neutral.

We offer to use renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint.

We can offset carbon due to Shipping & logistics by deploying solar power.

We also make Biodegradable & compostable Bottles.
Which when processed in industrial compost break down into Biomass.

Bottles made from over 50% natural minerals are also excellent options to appeal to young consumers.

We offer compostable packaging to reduce load on dumping grounds.

We also offer to get picked up plastic waste from the environment & have it recycled through audited third party vendors.

We offer interesting colors to be able to use recycled plastic & save the environment.

Use EV to reduce our Carbon footprint.
Use LEDs to cut down power usage.

We have a Wellness range of bottles to help fight microbes & protect health, using Silver based antimicrobials

We won the Guinness record of recycling 200K plastic bottles into the world's largest T shirt to spread awareness about recycling.

Got thousands of students across 95 colleges to pledge “Not to Litter”, which helps reduce pollution.

We are launching Bottles For Hope© . Part of proceeds for this range will go to support the charity of your choice. We are supporting many NGO to improve lives


Plant Bottles

Plant Bottles

Stone Bottles

Stone Bottles

Bottles for Hope

Bottles for Hope





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Premsons Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
221, A to Z Industrial Estate, G.K. Marg., Lower Parel, Mumbai (Bombay) 400013, Indien