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Sport Obermeyer Ltd.

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75 years in the making and finally back in Europe.


The story of Obermeyer has it all: courage, vision, and pure-and-simple love. From Klaus Obermeyer climbing high into the mountains at a young age, to award-winning environmental practices and industry-leading, innovative product design, there is a real, passionate, palpably beating heart to all things Obermeyer.

Part of it holds the memories: the legendary tales of Klaus, his groundbreaking inventions, his contagious love of the sport. Another part holds the future: what new trails lie ahead? What better product or better way of making it can be discovered?

And tying it all together: the Obermeyer family and extraordinary employees who work together as one. We are a company with both deep roots and indomitable vision. But most importantly, we are a company with a proven commitment to making the best possible product, year after year. Beautiful, peak-performing garments and accessories that will let you stay outside longer, go further, ski harder… and love every second of it.

Welcome to Obermeyer.





Sport Obermeyer Ltd.
115 Aspen Airport Business Center, Aspen, CO 81611, USA