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Descente is high quality, designed, functionally beautiful performance sportwear


Descente Ltd is updating the logo of its DESCENTE brand from the year 2023 to better refect its image as a premium sports brand. The logo refinement is being made to further reinforce the philosophy of craftsmanship embedded in the DESCENTE brand since its inception. The foundation of this philosophy has always been the pursuit of resonating and beautiful forms with the sharpest and most up to date functional details and accelerating design that delivers the best physical and mental performance results for the wearer. As always, DESCENTE will continue to offer a variety of values as a premium sports brand, based on its philosophy of generating new technologies and ideas, constantly evolving to unlock unknown potential in minds and bodies.

DESCENTE’s history began with the challenge of designing and manufacturing skiwear, as seen in the origin of the brand’s logo which was created in 1968. The Spirit Mark logo represents the three  basic skiing techniques of schussing, traversing and sliding.

Its strong, straight lines also express the DESCENTE spirit, which is to be bold, to stay true to the basics, and always to look for the best, anticipating the demands of the times, and proactively 
developing new products.

While maintaining the DNA of DESCENTE, we are rebranding to emphasize its status as a premium sports brand by seting a global standard brand system and further improving the quality of our products, communication materials and sales platforms (stores and e-commerce). In line with the redesign of the brand communication, the logo has been refreshed to express the neutrality and elegance of our premium brand in a more symbolic and highly visible way, with the addition of subtle details to the Spirit Mark and Logotype.





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